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Sponsored in part (but mostly) by Automata Studios NO ROUTE, NO CLUE, NO PROBLEM - 2000 miles in a rickshaw for charity.

About the Rickshaw Run

About the Rickshaw Run
About the Rickshaw Run
About the Rickshaw Run
About the Rickshaw Run

The Story

This March, Jakarta or Bust (our team) is doing a Rickshaw Run; racing an auto rickshaw over 1800 miles (3000km) of South East Asian jungle, islands, and ocean. The race, which will include some 25 other rickshaw-driving teams of adventure-loving crazy people, is organized by The Adventurists, and — the best part — it's all for charity!

The race begins March 10th, 2012.

There is no route from the starting line in Krabi, Thailand to the finish in Jakarta, Indonesia. We must forge our own path.

An auto-rickshaw is like a tiny one-cylinder motorcycle dressed up like a clown car. It has three wheels. It tips over easily. And it will break down. A lot. So there is no way to make it to the finish line without the help of the local people we meet along the road. But to get to the starting line, we need your help!

The Charities

Birdlife International (UK) (donate)

Jungly developing countries have an unfortunate tendency to destroy their jungliness!

Harapan Forest is a Bird Life partner project which is trying to save Sumatra’s last remaining rainforest. The good fellows who run Harapan have managed to get their hands on 100,000 hectares of rainforest, and they want to keep it that way. The reality of the situation is Sumatra’s forest is dwindling at an alarming pace, and of an original 16 million hectares, only around 500,000 hectares of rainforest remains today.

Your donation dollars go via Bird Life, directly to Harapan, which in turn goes toward protecting as big a chunk of this vital ecosystem as possible - benefiting you, me, and all of our lovely jungle based friends.

Action Against Hunger (ACF International) (US) (donate)

Relief, training, care, and infrastructure for those who need it. Sustainable charity that seeks to help feed children and help communities thrive, "teach a man a fish" style, as well as disaster relief. In 2010 when Mount Merapi erupted in Indonesia, causing 340,000 people to flee to distant makeshift camps, ACF emptied their stores of food and medical supplies, as well as training both volunteer and local care-givers. Then they helped those people recover their livelihoods.

Great causes. One environmental, one human. One and the same, really.
Support what you can.