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Home and eating left-handed again. Everything else about SE Asia I miss already. Stories and bloggings coming soon!

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Well, we made it… a month ago!

Jakarta and the finishing ceremonies were a great time. After weeks of dirt and smoke filled adventure we needed to relax. So, naturally, we partied as hard as we could. The sense of achievement was immense, and still palpable.

Yes; the race ended a little over a month ago, but we've just reunited in Los Angeles. Adam spent an extra month tooling around SE Asia on a motorbike. He's just gotten back stateside so we can finally start piecing together our tale. It has, however, seemed nearly impossible to communicate just how ridiculous and amazing the ASEAN Rickshaw Run was. The beautiful places, kind-hearted people, the hardships and the rewards of perseverance, the deliciously spicy food and the utter lack of flush toilets. 


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